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1. 1. 2021

One of the first installations in the Czech Republic was done in the home of Jan Hřebejk, the most famous film director in the country. The interior of his renovated 70’s house in Prague was designed by Dagmar Štěpánová, a renowned architect born in the Czech Republic. She has recently won the A+ Award by the Architizer magazine for her villa in Costa Rica. Let’s have a look how the MUTEO door works in his house.  

Together with Petr Novaque, we have won the Red Dot Design Award.

Today, trends require a door panel to be aligned with the wall. Door frames must be minimalistic or better hidden under the plasterwork completely. Such requirement can be seemingly met by any door for sure, but only from the front side. A standard door sis usually a 4 cm thick panel with a handle. Walls tend to be thicker, though. With an ordinary door, you can achieve such a perfect design only from one side.  

But what about a demanding client who doesn’t want to make such a concession? The MUTEO door from the SAPELI Unlimited is the right choice for such a client. Designed by Petr Novague, a top-class industrial designer from the Czech Republic who has won a range of prestigious awards for it – including the most precious one, the Red Dot Design Award. Because his MUTEO door is not just an ordinary wooden panel. It has an unique Z-profile, allowing it to be aligned with walls in both rooms. Not only in its shape but also in materials used.  

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