The SAPELI Unlimited concept

For better places to live. We admire beautiful spaces that are good to live in. Providing a creative platform for those who make them is another way we can participate in this fascinating process.

The Statue of Liberty in Prague’s Karlín district

30. 4. 2021

The Statue of Liberty – in addition to New York and Paris, you can now see it in Prague too. The work of art Statue of Liberty by street artist Michal Škapa, a…

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A fairytale at the brutalist President Hotel penned by architects Pizinger

19. 3. 2021

A fairytale at the brutalist President Hotel penned by architects PizingerThe President Hotel built in the brutalist style on the Vltava embankment in the…

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Moving is Living

1. 2. 2021

When designing the Center for Rehabilitation and Integrated Medicine (Crimed) in Poděbrady, the female duo consisting of architect Lucie Náhlovská and interior…

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We are bringing world-class design to your home.

1. 1. 2021

One of the first installations in the Czech Republic was done in the home of Jan Hřebejk, the most famous film director in the country. The interior of his…

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