Sapeli is the leader in the Czech market not only in terms of manufacturing and the quality of its doors but also in innovation. Following years of development, the company is proud to introduce the all-new MUTEO system.

You’re launching a truly revolutionary product. What led to its development?

Our ambition to shape the future presented us with the need for a revolutionary solution, not simply a new model or finish. We’ve succeeded in becoming the market leader in custom manufacturing and quality, and continued advancement depends on development and innovation. We’ve teamed up with someone who has an unburdened view of our industry and can move our thinking forward.

Dušan Vrtal

Vice-chairman of the board

Did you have special requirements and demands for this project, or did you give the designer a free hand?

We’re on the same wavelength with Mr Novague and share the same appreciation of the potential that comes with an innovation as fundamental as a handle-free door. We’ve succeeded in fusing his enormous sense for industrial design with our technologically advanced manufacturing.

Václav Bradáč


Was it difficult to break with established ideas about doors, to get away from the clichés and conventions?

It’s always hard to find new paths. In design, it’s essential to set the final product apart from those of the competitors. It has to provide a different user experience and, if possible, be aesthetically more refined than anything that’s come before it.

Petr Novague


MUTEO Z doors from above
The newly designed profile resembling the letter ‘Z’ is clearly visible.

Dveře MUTEO Z, pohled shora  
Dobře patrný je nově navržený profil připomínající písmeno Z

The MUTEO system comprises the special MUTEO Z door profile and MUTEO HF (handle-free) mechanism. The concept is fully mechanical and contains no electronics.

At what point did you break free from another traditional door component – the handle?

From the very beginning, I toyed with logic and philosophy. I posed critical questions to identify what makes a door a door and determine whether a door is a barrier between two rooms. I wanted to know if a door had to have a handle and if the motion that opens it is in fact natural. In order to move forward, we had to essentially call into question everything normal and established to that point. A moment came when I realized that, in all its modern-day forms and designs, a door is still just a panel. That’s what I wanted to change, and that’s how the project began to take shape.

Petr Novague


Who and what type of interior is the MUTEO system intended for?

This is a product for the most discerning of clientele. For customers who understand the importance of who you spend your life with and where. Such clients typically take advantage of the services of architects and work with experts. They’re in the know about engineering and technology and, most importantly, they have their own style. Muteo serves as a platform for their creativity. It can completely blend in with a wall, or serve as an expressive element that contrasts with its environment.

Marek Sedlák


What does MUTEO offer?

It offers a creative platform for architects and their clients. They leave their mark on the interior. It provides opportunities to play with materiality, space, the way a door and the interior as a whole are perceived.

Martina Paculová

brand manager

With MUTEO, it’s finally possible to create flawlessly clean surfaces – the desire of every modern architect.

MUTEO are not typical flush doors. They have a plasticity, a depth, a sculptural quality.

What else awaits you? What plans does the design team have?  

Currently, we’ve begun working on increasing the variability of the MUTEO system in terms of both design and function. We want to continue with minimalistic design and maintain the purity of the product yet at the same expand the offering of finishes and their combinations.

Petr Jíra

head of development

Where and how will the MUTEO doors be sold?

The Muteo system is part of Sapeli Unlimited, which has long been in preparation for architects and exacting clients as well as for expansion to foreign markets. Therefore, the doors will be available in Sapeli Unlimited showrooms, which will meet the most demanding requirements for the sales process, service, and subsequent execution.

Marek Sedlák


SAPELI and NOVAGUE have created a unique serial product to transform your living space


Sapeli is the leader in the Czech interior door market. This year, the company is introducing an entirely new sales concept called Sapeli Unlimited together with a new product – MUTEO. Development of the innovative ideas and designs was entrusted to a special team led by Petr Jíra.



A patented solution combining the door and handle in a single whole. The handle-free door project is changing contemporary perceptions of common products and breaking down existing barriers. With the MUTEO system, all one has to do is give a gentle push or pull, and the door opens on its own. Children no longer have to reach upwards for a doorhandle – a simple push in the lower part of the door opens it.

Designer Petr Novague specializes in industrial design based on logic, innovation, and a refined aesthetic quality. He has extensive experience in developing new products and newfound solutions. His motto: Design is distinction; design is the product.

When it comes to designing your new doors, the sky is the limit. There are also no limits to the approach we take in addressing your needs. We’re here for architects with a clear vision, and we provide them with a wide spectrum of engineering and technological solutions. We’re also here for customers looking for personal service and maximum quality. We now offer both these groups an entirely new level of customer care.  

We have state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that allow us to combine the uncombinalbe and execute the inexecutable with ease. 

At Sapeli, years of experience have taught us that the world of the customer is different than the world of the architect. Architects don’t turn to us for a specific product, because they can create it themselves. What they do expect, however, is outstanding service in the form of a broad range of engineering solutions, technologies, finishes, and many other details.  
We listen to each of your wishes and discuss them with you in a unique and inspirational showroom with real samples. At Sapeli Unlimited, designing the doors that bring your interior to perfection becomes a fascinating process. Sapeli Unlimited is the first of its kind. Come experience the unexpected. 

Design is very important to Sapeli Unlimited.

That’s why the company works with professional designers and has also developed an interactive application for the configuration of designs, materials, and finishes. 

All processes requiring maximum precision are done by hand, from  inlaying aluminium edges to retouching knots in natural veneer. 

Mr Jiří Drahoš conducts a final inspection of the varnish. This is how we inspect each and every door. Only by doing so is Sapeli Unlimited able to achieve its market-leading quality. 



We’ve been in business for several decades and handle each and every order with modesty. Our manufacturing doesn’t focus on serial production only but also on custom orders with special focus on the individual needs of the client. We’re constantly learning, and our one and only goal is to be the best.  

We manufacture 165,000 doors annually. We use the latest technologies, have our own development teams, and work with leading designers and architects. We focus on each order as a whole, from the design phase all the way through to installation. 

Architects don’t turn to us for a specific product, because they can create it themselves. What they do expect, however, is outstanding service in the form of a broad range of engineering solutions, technologies, finishes, and many other details. 

Our factory specializes in custom door manufacturing

Václav Bradáč (CEO) and Marek Sedlák (CSO)

The SAPGLASS division works with all existing types of glass. It even places emphasis on details that aren’t visible after installation. 

Because the essence of veneer doors lies in their individuality, working with the material can be a challenge.


Of primary importance to us is the selection of a single batch of veneer for all the doors in an order to ensure they maintain their own unique character yet are easily identifiable within the residence as part of a complex whole.

Quality construction relies on the selection of appropriate materials and precision processing, which we strictly adhere to both in CNC machining and in manufacturing atypical products by hand.

Design solutions

For us, a door is far more than a mere panel – it’s a sophisticated product with multiple technological details. In manufacturing doors, we take special care to select the correct materials and their composition.


We produce a wide range of doors with regard to various spaces and specific needs.  

Today, doors are subjected to exacting criteria in numerous areas: noise, safety, ecology, design.


Our knowhow enables us to meet all of these parameters in the creation of superior products.  

Opening systems and frames

We manufacture doors with various opening systems. The oldest and most common system in use is the swing door, which has given rise to variants such as the reverse-opening or pivoting door. There are other systems intended for installation where space is limited.

For such purposes, our portfolio features traditional folding doors, doors that fold flat against the wall, accordion folding doors, pivoting doors (atypical space-saving solution, requires up to 50% less room to open), sliding doors, and much more. 



















Sliding doors MINIMA

Swing doors industrial 

Folding doors with frames

Pivoting doors

Swing doors with concealed hinges

Folding door ERGON

Folding door COMPACK

Sliding door SMART SOFT


Doorframes are viewed as an integral part of any door. We’re aware of the immense pressure in the market for a wide selection of products to connect the wall with the actual door. That’s why we offer doorframes with distinctive designs as well as concealed doorframes. 

Surface and edge finishes

We view the complex segment of finishes as an exciting challenge. We choose only the most attractive materials and decors the market has to offer and pattern them ourselves. Thanks to feedback from our clients, we’ve mastered the application of four different types of finishes: 


genuine natural finishes such as concrete, stone, and metal 


natural wood veneers varnished or stained in a wide selection of tones


multilayer coloured varnishing per customer specification


artificial finishes with a natural appearance


Light plays an increasingly important role in interiors, and that’s precisely why glass is often mentioned in discussions about doors. We established our own division called Sapglass, which works on anything and everything related to glass. Custom glass manufacturing, cutting, engraving, sandblasting, and more. Our products are either all-glass (doors, partitions), or feature glass components. 

Glass is a natural material that can cast your interior in a new and timeless light. It allows a space to be divided into various functional areas without closing it in and making it feel smaller. 

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