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Butterfly Karlín, Pernerova 691/42, Praha Karlín

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In pursuit of better

places to live

We created the SAPELI Unlimited concept for one very simple reason – we admire beautiful spaces that are a pleasure to live in. Designing creative platforms for the individuals who conceive such spaces is just one of the ways we participate in a fascinating process.

SAPELI Unlimited

SAPELI Unlimited isn’t a platform for the supply of components. We offer a broad palette of technological and constructional solutions, and we always take a proactive approach to your vision and are eager to discuss it with you. The specialists in the new showroom will go through your ideas one by one in order to find the solution that’s right for you.

Collaboration with


Our finest bespoke projects are always firmly rooted in close collaboration with our clients. At the SAPELI Unlimited showroom, we know what it means to have exceptional aesthetic demands. Come share your project with us – we’re always ready to give you our undivided attention.


the door and handle become one

A patented solution combining the door and handle in a single whole. The handle-free door project is changing contemporary perceptions of common products and breaking down existing barriers. With the MUTEO system, all it takes is a gentle push or pull, and the door opens on its own. No longer must children reach upwards for the doorhandle – a simple push in the lower part of the door opens it.

MUTEO and design awards 

MUTEO has won top awards in some of the most prestigious design competitions in the world. Following the Red Dot, the International Design Award, the A´Design Award, and the European Product Design Award, MUTEO has recently become the first Czech product ever to be awarded the German Innovation Award – ´19 GOLD.


your wishes

Using a tablet, you can configure everything from doors and doorframes to walls and floors. At SAPELI, we’ve developed a unique custom application to ensure you never miss even the smallest of details. With augmented reality, you avoid unseemly combinations from the very beginning and can be confident in the knowledge that the end result will be a perfect match for your vision.

Combine the colours and materials of all the components in our application, which displays your design on a massive three-metre LED panel.


At SAPELI Unlimited, we work with every type of glass in existence, cutting it, engraving it, and sandblasting it to bespoke specifications. The technical parameters of our tempered eight-millimetre glass meet the most exacting safety standards. Whether your vision calls for clear, matte, or opaque glass or glass in combination with wood, we’re here to make it a reality.

SAPELI Unlimited


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Butterfly Karlín

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weekdays from 9am to 5pm
or by appointment


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